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  • Production Workshop

    Production Workshop
  • Material Laminated

    Panel processing needs sawing, banding, punching, installing, and testing. The materials include laminates, MDF board, plywood, slat wall and particleboard. Laminating is done with pressing machine. Hot Pressing Machine is used to press veneer, to make the Melamine paper or other papers and base material joint together. The temperature needs to be about 200 degree. And it needs to use firewood to make the high temperature, but not just electricity. And also some conditions we need to use the Cold Pressing Machine. Its function is different from Hot Pressing Machine. It is used to make 2 or more base material joint together.
  • Cutting

    After laminating, the material flows to the vertical panel saw or sliding table saw for cutting. Cutting Plate Machine is used to cut boards with paper (such as Melamine). It is called 45 degree Push Table Saw.
  • Edge-banding & Trimming

    There are 2 different Edge Banding Machines. One is automatic, the other is manul. This step includes edge banding, trimming. Also some parts need manual trimming once more for avoiding cutting hands. Once cutting, the NC automatic edge-banding machine applies hardwoods, HPLs and PVC edgebanding materials to all exposed raw edges. It will brush strong adhesives on board outline. Meanwhile, Busy Bees Display is also conscious to protect its brands and intelectual property.
  • Drilling, Routing, Boring & Sawing

    Next, our 4-axis CNC point-to-point machining center automatically completes drilling, routing, horizontal boring and precision sawing before assembled. Sometimes, we use the manual Precision Drill to drill the holes, and use Router Cutting Machine to curve some parts.
  • Filling & Gas Grinding & Painting

    Before paninting, we finished filling and gas grinding for products. And we do painting with our water screen machine in painting room. There are 3 kinds of painting. The first, it is spraying primer/base coat. The second, we need to colored painting. Always we do that at the base coating step. The Water Screen Machine can absorb the paint in the air to make sure it is possible that the air in the painting room can be fresh and clean. Then it is gas grinding again. The third, it is for top coat painting.
  • Packing and Shipment

    Packing and Shipment. After all painting, our QCs checks the quality for final inspection. Also we have the QC at each before steps, so at this step the nonqualified rate is too low.
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