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  • Material

    The ability to transform raw wood into complete, finished displays allows Busy Bees Display to provide merchandising solutions that exceed customers' expectations.
  • Cutting

    High-quality hard wood of various grains and sizes begins processing in the milling facility to be cut. The wood is them off-loaded into molders and a CNC crosscut saw, where boards are optically examined for flaws or defects and graded accordingly.
  • Drilling, Routing, Sanding

    Broads are then sorted and sent to secondary milling operations, such as drilling, routing and sanding.
  • Painting

    Being stained. The Rhodes spray system applies stains, paints and sealers according to customer perference. Three coats are then applied to each component before final assembly to ensure maximum protection of the wood and finish for long-lasting and quality fixtures.
  • Packing, Fumigation, Shipment

    Packing, Fumigation, Shipment
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