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  • Material

    The display rack has highly requirements of the hardness and strength for steel. Busy Bees Display has our own standard. 95% merchants would choose low density core board, but Busy Bees Display prefers to high density board, even it causes 10% extra cost. Truly high quality is what Busy Bees Display desired. “Strictly Crafts” is a cold steel to success, and also the purpose to services. With the luxuriant experiences and professional technology, Busy Bees Display would fully consider the factors to product risk assessment, import automatic facilities, and connect with international industry 4.0.
  • Cutting

    A complete wire division, a third CNC laser machine, a stainless steel department and CNC punching center, combined with our powder-coating system, automatic cut-off and bending machinery, robotic welding equipment, and CNC milling center make our metal shop a superior facility capable of manufacturing a wide variety of metal and wire products.
  • Bending

    Bending. The metal product process includes sawing, cutting, stamping, welding, polishing, and testing.
  • Stamping

    With automatic stamping facilities, to make it more standardize, and productivity.
  • Punching

    With automatic stamping facilities, to make it more standardize, and productivity.
  • Welding

    Accessories need to be welded after cutting, while most manufacturers were still using spot welding, Busy Bees Display has used full length welding technology to be seamless connection, more beauty and quality.
  • Polishing

    Busy Bees Display creates new standard for polishing. All welded need to be polished, and solient point should lower steel plate 0.1MM. Those processes make the finished product well scrubbed.
  • Packaging & Shipment

    Packaging & Shipment
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