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  • Design

    We provide professional display solution from sketch,3D 2D and sample for our customers and start quickly costing, prototype and bulk production.
  • Drawing Confirmed

    While some clients want unique solutions to meet their needs, we find many of our clients are looking for a more standard, modular solution. This can be something "off the shelf", perhaps with some minor alterations to meet their needs.
  • In-house Design

    Our in-house design team utilizes the latest computer-aided design and modeling technology to provide substance and form to our customers' ideas. Developed from a unique design or concept, a fully functional, three-dimensional model is then rendered for customer approval. The outcome is achieved by our capable engineers, who specialize in a particular area of production to provide expert knowledge for accurate drawings. Our engineers use the advanced "Solid Works", "Auto CAD" and "Pro Engineer" computer programs to provide customers with a 2D or 3D perspective of developing products. This technology makes the design process faster, easier and less costly by perfecting the structural concept prior to the production of the prototype.
  • Sample Assembly

    After sample done and before sent out, we assemble the samples to confirm the final dimension and material.
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